I Will

I will not compromise the quality of my work for what is popular or trending.
Sewing 2 pieces of fabric together is not quilting.
Importing cheap materials is irresponsible.

I choose to set trends, not follow them.
I choose to work continuously on my craft.
I choose to research, and explore, and innovate.

Reselling something that someone else made does not make you an artist.
Take the time to invest in yourself.

If you do not value, or cannot afford handmade, you are not my customer. And that's ok with me.

Overnight success never happens overnight.
I have achieved small successes, but my dream is so much bigger.
I maneuver around "No's."
I will not stop.

I wrote that as a response to looking at some Insta posts with the hashtag #quilt. I swiped through dozens of images. Most of us troll the internet, loose hours of life on Pinterest, and gossip for days on Facebook. I, however, was doing important market research, lol. Looking for direction, and inspiration from my fellow makers.  I was seeing popular fabric prints, mostly monochromatic patterns. Black and white is very popular. Following the trend of gender neutral, and the "we're not finding out" craze. It started ok. Then the deeper I ventured into the rabbit hole, the more ridiculous it became. Baby nurseries with no babies. Fluffy white rugs. Not little area rugs, but white rugs on the WHOLE floor. Clean, whitewashed, spotless and completely and totally unrealistic. Can we just be honest for a sec. I mean, lets keep it really real. Children are mostly little whirlwinds of disaster. Poopy, relentlessly awake, steal your soul disasters. They are also adorable, take your breath away beautiful. But mostly they are messy maniacal, tiny humans with no motor skills.

I also want a white rug, but not in a toddler room. Or any room that people will go in. It's cool if you want to curate a museum. But last time I checked, you can't actually live in one. That's why everything I make is purposed for USE. It's beautiful to see a quilt unfurled to be played on in the green green grass of a summer day. After hours of crawling, playing and napping, just shake the cheerios free, and roll it up to be used at the beach the next day. It will last. I will be washed, and used, and loved. I am committed to creating sustainable functional pieces. Thoughtful. Useful. Purposeful.

It's beautiful. It's fabric. To be used. To be lived with, not stared at.