About Fawn

Handmade is Bestmade

All products are made by my own two hands in my home studio in Worcester MA.

Unparalleled Style

 Fawn goods are unique. All materials are chosen with care and quality in mind.

Mission, Vision, Purpose

Picture a small town nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Corn fields like seas. White steepled churches. Dusty dirt roads, and hidden streams gurgling in maple shaded woods. Yes, all of what you picture New England to be. In this town there is a little girl. This girl is sitting at a sewing machine in a small back room of her 4-H teachers home. There most nights. Making dresses with some too-loud floral print. Using the seam ripper too much. Sewing, sewing, ripping, sewing. Brown hands with blue thread. Pushing her thick curly hair out of her eyes, squinting to see the needle's eye.
So much time spent learning how to sew, how to be an artist, and blazing a big path in that small town.
My journey as a maker started as that little girl.
You guessed it, that's me. I'm Christine. I sew, and draw, and paint, and cook, and bake, and laugh loud, and make things beautiful. I now live in a city, and teach other young girls to find their artistic voice.
I have been taught by, and studied under many creatives with various disciplines, and attended Fitchburg State University to study art education. Fawn started because I was selling my fine artwork (drawings and paintings) at local craft shows and not doing as well as I thought I should be. It was heart-wrenching. My mother, who is a phenomenal photographer, encouraged me to keep trying, and maybe change my medium. I brought bibs to one spring show, and to my surprise, they sold out.

Out of a failure, Fawn was born.

I now use textiles to tell my story. I use fabric in utilitarian, practical, but also beautiful ways. Babies have necessities. I thought: why not create little canvases? Why not incorporate ways to teach children about form, shapes, colors, and animals? So I did. Fawn quilts are teaching tools. Designed to be a functional and soft addition to a nursery. When one of my quilts is used, its purpose can be extended into lessons about the images. Creating an opportunity for teaching moments, building vocabulary, and expanding cognitive development. Bibs are useful and humorous. Expertly catching food and spills. All materials I use are machine washable and dryable, saving time for busy moms and money for frugal fathers. Rattles are visually stimulating and have interesting textures, facilitating exploration and naturally encouraging children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.

This educational component is what sets Fawn apart.  

My great grandmother was a kindergarten teacher. She attended Wheelock College in Boston. I have her college textbooks from the 1800's. She married her sweetheart who fought in WWI, and had 12 children. My grandmother was the youngest of the 12. She sewed beautiful clothes for my mother and her siblings. My mother wanted to be the first woman President of the United States. That did not happen (yet), but she taught GED classes in that small New Hampshire town. She took me to art museums, and signed me up for 4-H where I learned how to sew. She is an artist who captures images with her camera lens.

I come from a lineage of creative women who seek knowledge.

For Fawn, I spend a lot of time searching for fabrics, incorporating a little humor or vintage nod into my designs. I blend new designer organic prints with fabric that I found at a yardsale, or a thrift shop. I piece and rearrange a lot on a design wall in a room with very 1970's wall paper behind it. Think orange, green, brown and yellow flowers, yikes! I am the happiest in this studio space, aka spare bedroom, (let's not be to fancy now) of my home in the Tatnuck Square area of Worcester MA.

I am planning and plotting for the moment when I can leave my day job in an engineering office and pursue a creative life full time.
Fawn is an opportunity for me to share my love of fabric and design with you. I work in small batches and personally hand cut each fabric square, each bunny ear and each applique. Babies are only babies for a flash of a second. Lets surround them in hand made, quality textiles, soft to touch and pleasing to the eye. A seed for Fawn was planted when I was a little girl, who knows who your baby is going to grow up to be? By placing your baby in Fawn bib, or wrapped in a quilt, you are including them in my story as an artist. You are getting a piece of that little girl in a back room in New Hampshire sewing her heart out. Thank you for reading my story, and I hope to extend to you my creative hand in your precious baby's life.