Custom Quilt


Have you been searching for something special to bring to a baby shower, but can not seem to find the right thing? A custom Fawn quilt will be the perfect heirloom gift.

Just look at mom-to-be Emily in the photo. That's the reaction you want at a baby shower. Fawn will deliver.

Let me hear your ideas. Tell me your color choices, themes, likes and dislikes. I can find fabric specifically for your project. If you wish, I will also be able to artfully incorporate fabric that you send me from family members, making each square personal and full of meaning. In the past I have used lace from a wedding dress, and flannel from a favorite shirt sewn into the quilt top. It becomes part of the stories woven into childhood memories. Parents can point to a piece of fabric and explain where it came from and what it means. A perfect marriage of practical use, sentimental value, and handmade craftsmanship.

 Fawn quilts are small pieces of artwork. They are soft, functional, durable and will last through years of use. This is the gift that is saved forever.

Depending on complexity, production time is 3+ weeks.

The pictures in this listing are examples of what I have done for others. Let's get started on yours today. 



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